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Beau is a 2.5 year old Dutch Shepherd who was adopted at 4 months old by an owner who had done a fair amount of research on Beau’s breed which is a working dog breed and is known for their high intelligence.  Even though Beau’s owner had educated himself, actually having Beau was a bit of a different situation.  Beau is very high energy and the breed is known for herding.  Beau’s issues presented as he tried to keep control of the people he came in contact with due to his instincts.  Beau’s owner found a trainer who was very knowledgeable with Beau’s breed.  With dedication from his owner, Beau went from being trained with a muzzle on a year ago to the picture you see above. Beau’s owner works with him daily and Beau is well behaved, especially in a group setting with other dogs and people.  Beau currently trains with Best Friends Dog Training.

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