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Esme is a 3 year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, a breed known mostly in the hunting world and not commonly seen as a pet.  Esme’s story is very interesting because her owner adopted her with the intention of only having her as a pet.  She was very well versed in the needs of this particular breed, which are very high energy.  Her story is interesting because her owner started her in training as soon as she was old enough to attend classes as a puppy so that no behavior issues would arise.  In speaking with Esme’s owner she made the point that you must know what you are getting when you take on the responsibility of a dog.  If you do not meet the needs of your particular dog, especially a breed with high energy, behavior issues will undoubtedly result.  Esme’s owner knew exactly what her needs would be and training has been key to ensure that Esme is well behaved.  Esme currently trains with Best Friends Dog Training.

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