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Ben is a nearly 4 year old yorkie who was rescued approximately 9 months ago.  His family was not made aware of the extent of his training issues prior to his adoption.  However, Ben’s family is so committed to him that they sought help from both a trainer and a behaviorist.  Both told them there was nothing that could be done for Ben and one even suggested euthanasia!! Ben’s family did not accept either of those opinions and continued to search for a professional who could address Ben’s guarding issues.  Through social media they connected with the family of another yorkie whose family shared their experience with the trainer they used.  On that recommendation, Ben’s family sought help from a third professional, Tai Nero at Allstars Working Dogs.   That decision made ALL the difference for Ben.  Ben is a completely different boy now and his family is continuing to work with him everyday and enjoying the new Ben!

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