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Posh Pets Official Long Beach Shelter

Our entire team visited and toured the Posh Pets Official Long Beach Shelter in November 2016.  This shelter is privately run, no kill and is unique to Long Island in that it has hired a trainer to consistently work with the dogs at the shelter.  Tai Nero of Allstars Working Dogs also trains the staff on how to handle the dogs on a daily basis as consistency is key!  Posh Pets took over the Long Beach Shelter in 2014.  They regularly pull dogs from the euthanasia list at NYC Animal Care & Control.  Nearly all of the dogs at the shelter are pitbulls that come in needing training.  In speaking with the shelter director we learned that most of the dogs taken from the NYC ACC are between 6 months and 2 years old and need basic obedience training.  Once they receive that training from Tai Nero, there is a very high adoption rate for these well deserving dogs.  The dogs are trained and moved to an area where the other dogs have been trained as well and where they are all well behaved. On our tour we were able to interact with the dogs there and speak to the trainer. We learned how gentle and loving this breed is and heard some of the stories of where they had come from.  We were even fortunate enough to cuddle some 5 week old pitbull puppies!

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