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Nash is a 3 year old pointer/border collie and his is the quintessential rescue story with the ending of his dreams.  On New Year’s Eve 2015 Nash faced euthanasia.  A caring vet reached out to an attorney animal advocate and Nash’s new path in life began.  Nash went to Tai Nero at All Stars Working Dogs for several months and was trained.  Nash took to training like it was second nature and, although several people wanted to adopt Nash, no one seemed to be the right fit.  Nash’s advocates were not about to let this handsome boy go to just anyone.   A determination was made that Nash really needed a job and so the hunt began for a position for Nash.  Tai Nero took Nash to the test for Search Dog Foundation and he passed with flying colors. The video of Nash at that test proved that he would be happiest in a working role.  When the medical exam revealed Nash had mild hip dysplasia he was not accepted into the program.  Undaunted, Nash’s advocates continued to search for the right place for him and, after months of calls, emails and the help of contacts on the East Coast and all the way out in California, Juli Lathrop from The Kramer Foundation was the next angel to help him.  Juli Lathrop drove a total of about 11 hours to pick Nash up and bring him to her facility.  Nash stayed with Juli for over 4 months and was with her 24/7 as he continued his training and was socialized with people and dogs.   Nearly 9 months after Nash was spared from euthanasia he was picked to go to Canada to begin training for narcotics work.  The reports on Nash in his new life and position are nothing short of amazing and it was all because he had trainers who saw his potential and believed in him.  In January 2017 Nash will officially become a narcotics dog in Canada!!!!  Nash has found a job, a family and a new life!!!

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