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Liam & Josh

Liam (12) and Josh (10): We have two loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Our “sister” dog is named Gracie. She is almost eight years old and is very sweet and calm. Gracie likes to sleep, go on walks in the neighborhood, take car rides, and eat treats! She is fully trained and very obedient to commands. Our “little brother” dog Finn is only one, and he is still being trained to behave. Currently, we are working on more freedom on the lower floor of our home in small amounts of time without stealing our Lego’s or taking Christmas ornaments off the tree and chewing them. Finn is officially potty trained, obeys the command to sit or stay. We are also working on walking side by side on a leash and of course chewing on baseboards and the legs of chairs. Gracie and Finn are great together and get along very well. They sleep in the same bed and give each other a daily “bath” by licking each other’s fur. We love our dogs and treat them with care and lots of love!

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