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Bruno is a 9 year old pitbull who was adopted as a puppy with his brother and littermate Bailey.  When they were about a year old they began to show signs of “Littermate Syndrome” exhibited when the doorbell rang, visitors came to their home or when there was an item such as a bone lying around.  Bruno also loved when people petted him but if they would stop he would become uncontrollably excited and pushy unless the petting continued. The owners tried to manage the situation themselves but nothing worked.  They were novices to the training world but eventually found excellent trainers to work with them.  That was four years ago and Bruno’s owners continue to work with him daily and attend multiple training classes a week.  Today Bruno is a well behaved sweetheart who loves belly rubs and he has passed all three level of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!!!!  Bruno began his training with Tai Nero of All Stars Working Dogs and currently trains with Best Friends Dog Training.

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